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CRJ Construction Custom Home Builder for over 15 years. We design and construct a one-of-a-kind homes that are uniquely designed to fit specific client needs and for particular locations. At CRJ Constructions, we can use plans created by an architect or you can custom design your new home’s floor plan with our professional home designer.


Room additions can bring a unique extension to your home whether it’s a new or more open garage, an attractive extended family room, expanded spacious master bedroom, a new luxurious living room addition, a spacious three season room, or an enlarged kitchen to spend time with your family and friends in. At CRJ Construction, we are the solution to increase your living space without having to move. Remodeling a room is sometimes more complicated than building a small home. Room additions can be plain and simple or exceptionally extravagant. We have taken care of small room additions as well as large room additions.


With the multitude of construction-oriented services available, there is no reason that appropriate structures cannot be built. Between remodeling options and from-the-ground construction, there are many important facets that need to be coordinated and planned around in order to provide the most comprehensive and quality structure possible. With the help of experienced and professional contractors, any potential structure can be built in the most efficient and environmentally conscious way possible.


There is so much that goes into remodeling a kitchen. From planning the minute details, like which cabinets would be preferable and how to organize the utilities, every aspect of planning the best kitchen remodel possible is important. That way, when the construction, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and other pivotal measures are implemented, the process is smooth and easy. Common features included in kitchen remodeling that are imperative to plan around are wall removal, supply line alterations, accent lighting, changes to the floor, and new or moved appliances.


When it comes to the difficulties of bathroom remodeling, it can be important that the professionals are consulted. There is more to it than simply tearing up tile and buying a new tub. Expert contractors are able to give fundamentally sound advice, as well as offer the best possible workmanship for the job. Between improvements to plumbing and relocating the toilet, there is a lot that can be aided with the assistance of professionals.


There are so many differences between the processes of painting the interior of a home and painting the exterior. It is best to either know your stuff or consult with someone who does before you embark on a painting journey. The contractors in the area have the experience and talent to provide quality paint jobs in both areas.




With a vast plethora of different flooring options to choose from, you might be tempted to assume this will be a relatively easy decision based on personal preference. While that is somewhat true, there are many facets of flooring that tend to be underrated. These things require professional assistance. From an apt foundation to prospective repositioning of household items, contractors can be incredibly beneficial to the overall process. Not only will they make sure the beautiful designed floor you selected is expertly installed, but also they will ascertain the necessary fundamental strategies that need to be in place for the best flooring possible.


Having quality windows and doors is not just an aesthetic issue. It is a matter of health and safety. Whether you want to replace your windows and doors because they are broken or because they simply do not match your home design, it is imperative that you replace them properly. The contracting experience necessary to fix whatever door or window dilemma you face is something worth investing in. Quality workmanship means that the job is done perfectly without any issues.


There are many things that go into roofs. From the rafters and trusses to the sheathing, a lot of effort goes into creating the most effective and aesthetically appealing roof possible. Typically, when it comes to remodeling or construction, roofing is included, because it is a fundamental aspect of a safe and quality home. Contractors can provide the most thorough information and suggest the best action to take for the average homeowner, and they can assess the entire situation based not only on what is imperative to the safety of the house but also on what is important to the individual homeowner. Whether you want to use organic shingles or implement a solar heating panel on your roof, contractors can evaluate the most appropriate way to create the perfect roof for your needs.

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